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In the collective society of mankind, the collective unconscious aggregates the homogeneous contents and behaviours of all localities and human-being, to constitute a communal mental base of individuality, then the common social values are generated.

Most of the time people has to behave in a certain way. The unintelligibility, suspicion and resentment will be certainly accessed by people around, when the acts break the established common rules. The feeling of people who broke the rule comes immediately afterwards, the shame. However, they have no chance to get the understanding or support from others. Modernly held values actually impose too many perceptions on each individual, which leads to an alteration - from the usual to the extraordinary.

Illusion of being there 2023

When we observe our world with collective consciousness, the reality is dismantled. The truth will be deliberately hidden or reconstructed and becomes more and more prevalent, in the society with shared perceptions. It is worth considering, and the question is raised: How do we redefine reality, and its value for existence?

This artwork is my exploration of the reality of being in a collective consciousness. The wax is wrapped outside the sculpture, which gradually melting to reveal the structure inside. The gorgeous outer shell progressively collapses and the wax peels away from the sculpture during the melting process, to show the reality with the collective consciousness.

Variable size


Materials: resin, wax, cement, steel


Amazon rainforest fires 

"Burning lungs"


Size: 45cmx136cm

Material: Cowhide dye, silver foil, sulfur

In addition to the Amazon rainforest, other forests on Earth have been artificially destroyed. This work was created as a starting point for calling for an emphasis on forests and the natural environment. I want to convey to you the desire to protect nature.


When dried, the glue of Japanese painting becomes very hard and plastic, and inspired by how to make it, boil cowhide, cow horns, fish scales, etc. to make jelly, extract the collagen, dry it, and decompose it. Make eco-friendly bioplastics and make them into works.

Various samples were made by adjusting the mixing ratio of the materials to control the hardness and softness, and testing the condition and stability of the bioplastic. Then, choose the optimum color and hardness to create the work.


The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, with an area of approximately 5.5 million square kilometers. The Amazon is also called the "lunges of the earth" because it inhales so much carbon dioxide. However, the pace of Amazon destruction is accelerating to its worst, with forest coverage declining from 80% to 58%. It is also said that 10% of the area was destroyed by the big fire in 2019. For the Earth, the Amazon rainforest was once a carbon dioxide filter. However, the fire made Amazon the largest source of carbon dioxide in the world.






After the emergence of touch-screen smartphones, push-button phones were eliminated. Most people, including me, still keep the "six character gesture" to signal to make a phone call, while the gesture after 00 is "tablet" (imitating a smartphone). The gesture including sending a message changes from key typing to sliding sending. This change makes me feel a little uneasy. Through this phenomenon, I am thinking about what is the boundary of "elimination" at the moment of the rapid development of science and technology and information.


Artificial landscape seaside cactus 2020




I've always thought that paintings, like sculptures, would change their perspective if placed outside the gallery and in nature. So he took the painting to the beach in Izu and put it in the natural environment. The landscape and the painting collided with each other, and the delicate relationship between nature and man-made was conveyed.



Casting​ 2021

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